Why Boomers Are Doomed

The words “WHY BOOMERS ARE DOOMED. They had abundant lives – and babyish fam­i­lies. That’s about to become a actual big prob­lem. INSIDE ALOOMING CRISIS.” came splashed beyond the foreground page of one of Canada’s a lot of broadly apprehend account account mag­a­zines. The appellation apprehend like the promo for an awe­somely ter­ri­fy­ing hor­ror movie!!!

Being a babyish boomer myself, I was nat­u­rally curi­ous to acquisition out why I was doomed, and not just ‘doomed’ but “DOOMED!!”.

Basi­cally, the arti­cle was point­ing out that because babyish boomers had beneath kids than pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions, there is traveling to be an ancient affliction prob­lem in twenty or thirty years time. Assum­ing that north­ing changes in the mean­time – that north­ing AT ALL changes over the next twenty or thirty years to accord with this sit­u­a­tion. That is one ample assump­tion getting fabricated there.

While the fun­da­men­tals of the arti­cle are true, that babyish boomers did not pro­duce a ample sup­port­ing gen­er­a­tion and some­one is even­tu­ally traveling to accept to yield affliction of us, the under­ly­ing assump­tion that this agency babyish boomers are bedevilled is ques­tion­able at best.

In fact, this access can be com­pared to what abounding activity coaches like to alarm ‘story fondling’. Telling and call over and over afresh a account of woe that main­tains the applicant (or in this case the country/economy) as a victim.

A quick attending at his­tory will appearance that this blazon of babyish boomer aggressive ‘social cri­sis’ has been fret­ted over before. Not just once, but abounding times before. Ever back the babyish boomer gen­er­a­tion exploded assimilate the amusing and eco­nomic arena in 1945 there accept been cri­sis afterwards cri­sis pre­dicted – and averted as babyish boomers confused their way through the tra­di­tional demo­graphic life-cycle.

The arduous num­ber of babyish boomers getting built-in all at already acquired a mater­nity cri­sis, just by getting born. But some­how soci­ety and the med­ical pro­fes­sion seemed to survive.

We’ve acquired an edu­ca­tion cri­sis as our huge num­bers formed their way through the edu­ca­tion sys­tem. We cre­ated a job cri­sis as our cool ample num­bers of job hunters hit the job mar­ket all at the aforementioned time. We cre­ated a hous­ing cri­sis, a bloom affliction cri­sis – appealing abundant every affectionate of social/economic cri­sis one gen­er­a­tion could pos­si­bly cre­ate, we cre­ated it.

And we, soci­ety and the econ­omy, sur­vived anniversary and every one of them.

We afflicted soci­ety and the econ­omy in adjustment to cope with anniversary and every ‘cri­sis’ we cre­ated. Often with far beneath warn­ing than we now accept regard­ing this lat­est alleged ‘cri­sis’.” Often with amaz­ing outcomes.

Is this next cri­sis the one that assuredly and ulti­mately “DOOMs” us all?

Prob­a­bly not.

Our col­lec­tive cre­ativ­ity and inge­nu­ity and inven­tive­ness will pro­vide us with answers on how to cope with this lat­est ‘cri­sis’, just as it has to every cri­sis we accept faced before.

Already a rel­a­tively new anatomy of senior-care is com­ing to light. There is an increas­ing num­ber of senior-inspired cohous­ing or inten­tional com­mu­ni­ties in devel­op­ment through­out North Amer­ica and Europe.

And that is just the begin­ning of how we will change soci­ety to cope with our crumbling numbers.

So, to the jour­nal­ist who wrote the “Why Boomers Are Doomed” arti­cle I ask: Isn’t it about time to stop see­ing the Babyish Boomer Gen­er­a­tion as the could cause of doom and anguish and unavoid­able cri­sis, and alpha look­ing at the amaz­ing and inspir­ing means we accept lived our lives in the past?

Give us some credit. We deserve it.

How do you see your activity unfold­ing – with doom and anguish and aphotic canicule ahead, or abounding of opti­mism and expec­ta­tion of bet­ter things to come?